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Chuz Riehl   
Please Help Starving and Artists Keep Local Music Alive
Please Help Starving Artists Keep Local Music Alive
-Mortally Black--Mentally Blue-
-Bruised Is My Back, Just To Serve You-
I've been a musician all of my life. Well, since the 1st grade, with 2 chums and we called ourselves "The Grapes of Wrath" Imagine that with Princeton haircuts and black framed glasses. Well, we didn't get beat up much and so we continued for a whopping 3 song set. Getting out of high school I went on the road, and returning home only to work for 4-6 weeks before we'd leave again, I got myself short term jobs in the masonry trade. It's paid the bills when music couldn't, hence the M & M Masonry, Inc. link to the left. That bit of continuous training morphed into a small business that I've owned for 26 years now. Its good, honest, tangible work, but a bit hard on the body. Music is still the heart and soul of this small mind.